Vinh Huynh

Senior Director of Marketing

Vinh Huynh was born and raised in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota. He was introduced to digital marketing during the infancy of search engines – think back to when Yahoo was king of the mountain. Yes, back to an era when people still weren’t sure if E-Commerce was a fad or the next frontier.

In 2012, Vinh took a hiatus from agency work to freelance, and pursue a passion of coaching athletes. During his time as a freelancer, his client roster consisted primarily of independent business owners that operated at a local and regional level. With Vinh’s expertise in site build and ongoing SEO strategies, he helped businesses get online and prepare for the future. Also, during this time – Vinh established himself as an International Olympic Weightlifting Coach. Despite having one of the smaller teams, he has had numerous athletes win medals at the national level, represent Team USA at the international level, and has an athlete in the qualifying process for the Summer Olympics.

In 2019, Vinh decided to start the sunsetting process as an International Level Coach to begin focusing on other areas of his life. As a result, he only works with his existing athletes, and took a position with a high-volume digital marketing agency as an SEO Analyst. However, with his prior experience in digital marketing, he climbed the ranks quickly. Over the span of his first 2 years back in agency work, Vinh was promoted numerous times. From Analyst to Marketing Specialist; to Sr. Marketing Specialist; to Program Manager; then Sr. Program Manager with oversight of the entire SEO department.

With GAT Marketing continuing to rapidly grow, in August 2022 – Charles approached him with an offer to join his agency. Today, Vinh oversees the SEO, and Paid Media channels – in addition to contributing input with overall marketing strategies.