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Search engine optimization (SEO) is integral to the success of any ecommerce company. The customer journey can’t get off the ground if prospects aren’t finding your products or website. While improved keyword rankings are one positive result of an ongoing SEO program, we don’t stop there. Our results-focused approach to search engine optimization is designed to benefit your business in myriad ways, including:

  • Targeting highly qualified traffic
  • Focusing on rankings that convert
  • Increasing sales
  • Maximize average order value

Our team has extensive hands-on experience in driving SEO strategies to help set your prospects on the path to conversion. Let us show you how!

SEO Strategy

Our approach to SEO begins by focusing on historical trend data, analytics reporting and competitive findings. We utilize these insights to establish a technical foundation and on-page optimization approach. Next, we’ll help you align your SEO goals with your commerce strategy, revenue targets and multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure that your approach is tailored for company needs and isn’t operating in a silo.

SEO Implementation and Management

When it comes to quality, we never settle. At GAT, we believe in the importance of continually optimizing and improving both content and the overall shopping experience on your site. Part of this is creating new content that is shaped by the results of ongoing tracking and research. We’ll show you how to put content marketing to work, creating and sharing expert articles aligned with the questions your customers want answered to help drive the sales cycle.

Focus on the Analytics

Our team of experts uses a range of data and analytics to keep the focus on the metrics that matter most. In addition to organic traffic improvements, we identify ways to track and improve high bounce pages, capitalize on highly converting pages, and develop custom conversion monitoring. We are continually adjusting and updating SEO tactics to ensure we’re operating off of the latest data to help drive your results.

Project Management is a Partnership

Our team loves to chat. We’re all about frequent, open communication with our clients – it’s the best way to ensure that everyone understands budget allocation and impacts, program strategy and overall progress. In addition to keeping clients informed, regular communication with our team also helps them build confidence and grow their own capabilities and comfort with SEO terminology and techniques.

Synergies with Paid Search Marketing

Paid search and paid media also have a key role to play in driving traffic and engagement. We’ll show you how to employ these tools to produce the perfect mix of organic and sponsored tactics to spur results throughout the sales cycle.

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