Achieve your goals and budget - without the hassle.

Managing the dozens of unique multi-channel marketing services you utilize to build your business isn’t easy. GAT Marketing offers you the ability to utilize all of our à la carte solutions together, in one fully managed package.

Our team will sit down with you to develop a yearly or quarterly marketing strategy that includes, digital, print, video and more. If you’re looking for a marketing strategy on auto-pilot, this is where to get it. Depending on your needs, we can design your digital & print creative, negotiate with publishers, and provide you with the latest industry trends to push your business to new heights.

Client Management

Every client we have is important to us, regardless of size. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get a bonus or two for working with us as your agency of record. You’ll have your own Account Manager with direct experience and industry knowledge relevant to you, access to our Project Managers to build out your project workflows, and the full backing of our agency in the industry. Need an emergency call to get a rush project completed? Consider it done. Client Management at GAT is more than just a phone call once a month. It’s your one stop shop to know where your marketing strategy is, how it’s going, and what you can do to drive even higher metrics for your businesses bottom line.

Media Planning

Everyone enjoys sitting back on a beach and relaxing. Now, what if I told you that could be you, free of those late night, last minute phone calls? Our team builds an extensive media plan across digital, print, video, and more to drive your business goals forward, with data and analytics backing the plan. We will work with you to determine a quarterly or yearly budget, how and where to spend it, and execute that plan for you, so that you no longer have to be the one calling, texting, and emailing dozens of vendors.

Editorial Support

Do you wonder why one business has new editorial content being written about them regularly and you don't? There’s plenty of reasons why, but that’s where we’re here to help. Being entrenched in the industry like we are, we have relationships with publications, writers, influencers, and more that we are able to connect your business and products to - getting you the editorial content you deserve. GAT’s team will help you be in the room where it happens, bringing you the proper introductions you need to show up everywhere and drive your brand recognition through the roof.

Publisher Contact

Yearly price increases frustrating you too? We get it. When you use GAT Marketing as your agency of record, we will negotiate with publishers on your behalf, utilizing our strong connections in the industry, to help stop the increases, and earn you the pricing you deserve. Our industry knowledge and experience allows us to have account managers that know the publishers on a new level, allowing GAT to get you the best slots, content, and more throughout the industry.

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