Paid Media Tailored To You.

It’s no secret – when done right, paid media has the power to bring tremendous value to the entire sales process. Are you looking to feed quality leads to your sales team? Educate an audience of unknowing brand loyalists? Exceed revenue growth well beyond your targets? No matter your goals, our team at GAT Marketing is here to make it happen. We combine experience, brain power, and drive with advanced data-driven technology to help our clients boost trials, increase subscriptions, market content, convert sales and so much more.

With paid, owned and earned channels continuing to converge, a fully integrated plan is critical to capture and convert on customer intent. We’ll help you build, tailor and execute a paid media plan in alignment with your owned and earned channel strategies– and stay by your side from start to finish.

The Right Media Strategy

What do you want to get out of a paid media strategy? The first step to a successful media program is clarifying your goals in order to identify the most relevant tactics throughout your funnel. No matter what makes sense for your needs – paid search, retargeting, paid social, display advertising or something new you’ve never done before – our team can jump right in. This is the stuff that gets us going in the morning! No matter your needs, we’ve got the knowledge and tools to drive your strategy, illuminate return on ad spend (ROAS) and set the stage for ongoing optimization. Leverage our data-driven approach to media planning to inform your optimal media mix and recommended budget.

Paid Media Analytics

To get the most out of your campaign, you must be able to unlock insights into your data. Our team helps you do just that, utilizing our expertise in conjunction with best practices to drive continuous improvement. Wherever possible, we incorporate attribution modeling data to inform true incrementality. We also develop ongoing testing and evaluation plans, which enable us to flexibly measure the value of each brand interaction and adjust to ever-changing customer intent –to drive the best results.

Paid Search Marketing

In today’s digital age, the customer journey is often long and fragmented, with multiple touchpoints across mobile devices, desktops and retail locations. This can make capturing search opportunities challenging, to say the least. We help you convert customer intent with highly personalized search experiences delivered at the right place and the right time. Further, we utilize the power of industry-leading technology to uncover new opportunities while optimizing current initiatives algorithmically.

Display Ads

Are you looking to enhance your audiences, buys and ad creative? Effective measurement of campaign and consumer intent across channels and devices can do wonders to activate these key areas. We define and measure value at every stage of the funnel, integrating multiple channels including both online and offline media to ensure the most holistic view for our clients. We bring the experience to ensure your advertising dollars work harder for you by incorporating adaptive strategies based on the predicted value of each consumer.

Paid Social Media

Advertising through social platforms is an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle, but a complete strategy demands a broader approach. Our team will show you how to complement your own organic social efforts with highly targeted ad creative on the platforms best suited to your products and services. We’ll build your media plan around your unique objective, and we’ll work as your advocate across each social platform to help ensure that your goals are met. We’re dedicated to driving your success, and we stay with you throughout the journey.

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