Build an active and engaged customer database - Easily.

When it comes to digital marketing, first-party data is the holy grail – and that means building an email database of active consumers interested in your brand and products. Stop hoping and praying for people to subscribe to your email list through pop-ups or webpages, instead utilize GAT’s email hash collection to grow you’re list of active, engaged users whom have recently visited your site and are interested in your product.

List Building Expertise

Navigating the world of email marketing is intimidating. Building and growing your email list while maintaining and increasing your email deliverability is a must. Our team can work directly with your to import and engage these new hash users so that you continue to build that coveted active and engaged customer database.

Email Validation

As much as we wish the emails we have were pristine and good from the jump, they're not. The reality is, they're filled with spam traps, catch-alls, invalid emails, and inactive users. Luckily for you, GAT has created an internal database of over 2 billion email addresses that helps us identify these imperfect email addresses. When you choose to go with our hash collection service, you gain the peace of mind, knowing that the emails you're receiving from us have been cleaned through this intensive database of users.

Express Delivery

Truth is, if you email these users too long after they've visited your website, you're going to lose that much-needed engagement to keep them coming back. That's why we offer the ability to receive these emails quickly, straight to your inbox. With it delivered to you quickly, you can turn these new leads into a mean lean ROI machine.

Stop losing your potential leads

Start acquiring new customers!