Keith Finch

Editor-In-Chief & General Manager

Nicki is a native Michigander and a graduate of Ferris State University, holding an A.A.S. in Graphic Design, a B.S. in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, and certificates in Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Business-to-Business Marketing. Her previous experience includes a marketing internship at AFLAC and participating in the National Student Advertising Competition.

At GAT, not only does Nicki serve as our Marketing Specialist, but she also stays on top of all of our existing and future projects, from client and vendor relations to in-house project management. Incredibly detail-oriented, Nicki even enjoys honing these skills when off the clock. An escape room aficionado, Nicki has successfully solved all 12 escape room puzzles she has entered.

Before becoming part of GAT, Nicki was interested in guns but did not have much hands-on experience with them. Now she is the owner of a Glock 19 and enjoys recreational shooting with the GAT team.

Nicki lives in Macomb, MI with her husband Mack and their dog Oliver, appropriately nicknamed “All-of-the-fur.” In her down time, she enjoys reading, rollerblading, skateboarding, and gaming.