Nadeen Pierre

SEO Analyst

Nadeen is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From the age of 15, she was an Olympic Weightlifter and very accomplished – competing with Team USA as a Youth and Junior athlete. This is also how she met Vinh (SEO Director) because he was her coach. During this time, Nadeen also helped with marketing the gym, and managing the team’s website.
Prior to joining GAT Marketing, she was a licensed hairstylist. During this time she used social media to market herself and the salon to gain new clients. Nadeen continues to pursue that passion through doing on-set hair styling for photoshoots. However, from all her marketing efforts, she realized that’s where her passion lies for her career.
Her prior experience with firearms is at the recreational level, primarily shooting range sessions with her uncles, and friends. Since joining the GAT team she continues to expand her knowledge of the firearms industry, in addition to furthering her passion for recreational shooting.