SEO Analyst

Jonathan started in the firearms industry as an inventory clerk at a major Atlanta dealer, working his way up to management. He holds nearly 300 hours of combined professional firearms and medical training, and is a lifetime member of the NRA. He holds both a B.A. in Anthropology and a certificate in Interdisciplinary Writing from University of West Georgia.

At GAT, he works behind the scenes to optimize client pages so they will rank higher in search engine results, boosting our clients ahead of their competitors. He also monitors site health, to ensure that our clients’ sites are easy to find, navigate, and use. Jonathan’s careful attention-to-detail and wealth of knowledge is often relied upon in the office for everything from grammar to gun specs.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys hunting, and he even butchers and processes his own meat. He trains in jiu jitsu and volunteers as a set construction foreman at his local community theatre. He lives in Georgia with his wife Kitty and their amazing bulldog Porkchop.