Artistry in analytics; crafting a measurable relationship between your and your customer.

We are all aware of how difficult it can be to market in this industry. Many of the biggest tools marketers use are either not available to us, or are severely limited. Facebook ads. Google AdWords. The list grows every year. However, the biggest utility in digital marketing is not only still available to you, it can be the very advantage that pushes you ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization deals with how Google ranks your site in search results, and how “visible” your content is online. While many believe, it is simply ranking for keywords, it is much more. There are nearly 40 key factors in SEO. Each one of them are important and can affect your search rankings and content visibility.

Before we start turning the dials on your content, we’ll take the time to thoroughly analyze your business and customers. Only after compiling comparative baseline data can we develop an accurate strategy.

SEO is a constantly moving target. Google produces updates with amazing frequency. Each update slightly (or dramatically) changes how the algorithm ranks your site, backlinks, content and pages.  Because of this, things you have been doing can suddenly stop working. Knowing how to detect Google’s changes, adhering to their best practices (that constantly evolve) and being agile and intuitive are what keeps you ahead.


There is not a magical formula to ranking on the first page, and results cannot be guaranteed for any specific ranking, keyword or time deadline. Some businesses see progress within a few months, and some take many months to recover from a Google penalty or clean up their content and backlinks. One thing that is for sure, we get results for our clients.

GAT offers gun industry savvy SEO services like no other SEO service available. Those non-gun types do not understand our industry, our taxonomies, our language, our product or our customers. Remember, content and structure are what Google homes in on, and our experienced gun industry SEO service knows just how to reach your customers while boosting your visibility across search engines.



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