About Project

Period: April – May 2015

Client: Sentinel Concepts

Steve Fisher is the Founder of MDFI, Sentinel Concepts and is a nationally recognized Magpul Instructor. As one of the top instructors on the national travel circuit, he needed a website that showcased his wide range of class locations and expertise in training topics.

Our Task Was

Expand his existing website to offer a more detailed class breakdown as well as advanced mobile integration, gift cards and the ability to find classes via a map.

What We’ve Done

Steve was the first client to use the Complete Trainer Package that we developed. It involved working with his existing site layout and expanding the functionality to keep the site familiar but easier to use.

  • Online Class Registration
  • Real Time Class Inventory Management
  • Find Classes by Location
  • Find Classes by Date
  • Find Classes by Type
  • Real Time Roster Exports
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Social Media Managment
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


By moving to a mobile-friendly website, Sentinel Concepts saw an increase in mobile traffic resulting in increased class bookings. By adding a package “passport” for training the average transaction value per customer increased by 34%. The expansion of newsletter communication increased repeat customers by 28%.

  • Spend Per Student up 34%
  • Repeat Purchases up 26%
  • Mobile Traffic up 86%
  • Overall Traffic up 45%
  • Class Fill Rate Increased to 95%


The combination of an enhanced site with regular newsletters, social media posts and active updates has lead to a drastic change to the bottom line of Sentinel Concepts.

Sentinel Concepts is attracting more new students, earning more money per student and increasing the repetition of purchases from existing students.

If you’re looking to fill more classes and earn more from the time you’re already investing in your training company, give us a call to see what we can do for you.