About Project

Period: Sept – Nov 2015

Client: Operation Parts

Subject: Complete Retailer Package

Operation Parts and Small Arm Sales make up the Largest Knight’s Armament Dealer in the country. With increased competition and a lull in firearms sales after the end of the great panic of 2014 Chuck decided it was time to look at how to most effectively expand his business. GAT Marketing was there to help him through the transition that resulted in increased sales during a time where his competition struggled.

Our Task Was

To move existing stagnant inventory, freeing-up resources to be reinvested into new top selling products. The goal was also to secure greater buying power with his main suppliers.

We also mitigated the high cost of an existing expensive solution, which made it less expensive to run and simultaneously increased the revenue it generated.

What We’ve Done

We transitioned Small Arm Sales off Big Commerce to a more efficient Volusion solution while preserving the back links and existing SEO structure.

We optimized existing tools to be more efficient by implementing abandoned cart functionality as well as back-in-stock notifications.

Regular newsletters have lead to more return customers and a greater value per customer, allowing for increased advertising budgets that yield a substantial ROI.

  • Moved From Big Commerce to Volusion
  • Saved Existing Back Link Structure
  • Integrated Abandon Cart Software
  • Integrated Notify When In-Stock Feature
  • Created Weekly Newsletters
  • Developed Extensive Back Link Building


With more satisfying inventory turn around times, more money has become available to go into purchasing new products. This has allowed Operation Parts to stay on the cutting edge of what is popular without sacrificing the staples that are the foundation of the business.

Increased spending per customer allowed them to get more aggressive in new customer acquisition, capturing more market share from their competition.

  • Reduce Monthly Server Costs 80%
  • Increase Customer Spend 28%
  • Save 10% of Abandoned Carts
  • Pre-Sell Products, Reducing Inventory Shelf Time
  • Increase Items Purchased Per Customer
  • Increased SEO Effectiveness
  • Bottom Line Profits are up 17%


No one thing took Operation Parts to the next level. A wide mix of strategies developed with our market and technical experience have been deployed to create an all inclusive strategy that speaks for itself.

GAT Marketing focuses on more than technology. Instead of just building websites like our competition, we build marketing packages that include websites and result in more profits for your company. If you want to move to the next level like Operation Parts and Small Arm Sales then contact us for a quote.