Print Creative

Nighthawk Custom 2017

Brining in a new younger consumers to a high end more traditional product like custom 1911’s required a drastic change to both ad placement and message. We created a shift in media placement, social media interaction, strategic editorial and a modern revamped image. As a result Nighthawk has seen a substantial growth in new consumers and a resurgence in repeat buyers looking for new ways to purchase.

Strategic partnerships with other industry partners has allowed for new levels of cross promotion and exposure generating new branding opportunities without the cost of ad placement while directly creating high demand products that drive immense ROI.

Client: Nighthawk Custom

Category: Agency of Record 

Date: Dec 2016

Strategic Partnerships

Two are better than one and three are better than two. By partnering with Agency Arms, Rail Scales and Hillbilly 223 we were able to leverage friendships, connections and high impact headlines to gain editorial and social media traction without the purchase of a single ad placement.

New Media

By moving budget from traditional print to digital placement we gained actionable advertising outlets, real time reporting and ROI tracking across a wider reach. With limited windows between production and launch the instant access digital blog and media outlets allowed for aggressive launch dates and measurable success.

Creative Services

We have used our strategic plan to meet specific market segments and purchased ads paired with targeted creative to meet Nighthawk Custom’s goals. We have managed this process through the steps of ad purchase, deadline tracking, photography, copy, revision, submission and tracking.