About Project

Period: Aug – Sep 2016

Client: Ann Arbor Arms

Subject: Complete Range Package

When Ann Arbor Arms opened their new upgraded facility they needed a website to match the design and quality they put into their multi-million dollar project.

Our Task Was

To upgrade the look and feel of the website to match the high-quality experience that Ann Arbor Arms offers. Update the site to perform well on mobile devices for better customer support and increased search results. Integrate online payments for memberships and class registrations.

What We’ve Done

We moved all classes from Google Calendar and Constant Contact onto a self-hosted website. This resulted in more searches, back links and interaction directly on the site.

Created an online store to sell swag products.

Moved membership sales to the website streamlining the process.

  • Moved to bootstrap friendly mobile coding
  • Moved 400+ classes from Constant Contact
  • Created their first e-commerce swag products
  • Began online membership sales
  • Implemented our training system software
  • Integrated with online payment systems for single source class managment
  • Moved gift card purchases online
  • Created pages for individual course curriculum & trainers


Customer satisfaction has increased, with a drastic growth in online sales translating to easier to manage classes and larger profits.

  • Online sales in 1 week paid for the website
  • Class registration increased 20% in the first month
  • Swag sales increased 100% in the first month
  • Memberships began selling in the first week
  • Administration time per class decreased 75%
  • Search engine traffic increased 50% in the first month


Even with a substantial investment into new technology the returns have been immediate and substantial. The process is now easier for trainers, consumers, managers and everyone involved with Ann Arbor Arms.